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Australian women are retiring today with 47% less super than men. One in three elderly single women live in poverty.

With a national review into superannuation planned, this is a vital moment to call on the Government to set a target and a timeline to close the retirement savings gap.

Help reach the target of 5,000 signatures to take to Canberra.


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No other statistic in Australia highlights the life-long financial inequality facing women more than the retirement savings gap -with women retiring today with 47% less super in savings than men.

More than three in every five Australians believe that the current retirement system is failing women. Yet there is no national target to reduce this gap.

The problem isn’t going away. Young women in Australia today, earn an average of $300 less in superannuation in their first grad job compared to men. There is still no superannuation paid during parental leave or other periods of unpaid care.

The current superannuation system magnifies the lifetime of financial inequality facing women instead of compensating for it.

As a result, women only receive 1/3rd of the $36 billion that is handed out in tax concessions through our superannuation system each year.

Our message is simple, it’s time to set a target and timeframe to close the gap. There must be an end to the cycle of old-age poverty facing all Australians who take significant time out of the workforce to care for others.


Verity, 56, Sydney - Because equity is important to me. I want to live in a world where women's contribution is honoured and valued. Why should women bear the cost of looking after men and families? We all deserve the same opportunity for our retirement years.

Joanne, 43, Canberra - Women over 55 are a major cohort of people vulnerable to homelessness. The superannuation gap is a big issue linked to this."

Chloe, 30, Wagga Wagga - As a woman with a daughter, I believe it outrageous that women as still being treated inequitably in our current society. When will the government realise that we need to be paid the same for the same role and that our roles of caring for our families to be valued, which in turn supports the growth and wellbeing of our future citizens. Let’s hope the government can actually get this issue sorted because it’s long overdue.”